XDC Chain Network Tools and Documents

The XDC Chain Network provides a variety of tools and resources to help developers build and deploy applications on the blockchain. With its fast transaction speeds, low fees, and scalability, the XDC Chain Network is a great choice for developing a wide range of applications.

Integrate with XDC MainNet Chain

Seamless Integration for Tech Enthusiasts : Integrating with the XDC Network is a breeze for tech-savvy individuals, as we've forked out of go-ethereum. Here are the essential integration components:

RPC Endpoint

Obtain the RPC Endpoint for XDC Network
XDC MainNet
  • wss://ws.xinfin.network
  • wss://ews.xinfin.network
  • wss://aws.xinfin.network
  • wss://eaws.xinfin.network
XDC Apothem Network
  • wss://ws.apothem.network
  • wss://ews.apothem.network
  • wss://aws.apothem.network

BlockChain Analysis available with Blockchain Intelligence Group.

XDC Index — Vinter

XDC Regulated Index Provider

The Vinter Xinfin XDC Index is a single asset index, measuring the price of XDC in USD. The index is developed to provide a rule-based and transparent way to capture the price of one XDC. The administration and calculation are compliant with the IOSCO principles and the EU Benchmarks Regulation. VNXDC uses a Vinter reference rate for the XDC price calculation.

XDC Index — Vinter

Need More Help?

For technical inquiries or integration assistance, join the XDC Network Developer Forum, access XDC documents, or join Telegram's Developers community.