Community Bounty

Community Support Bounty Program: Enhancing XDC Network Together!

Welcome to the XDC Community Support Bounty Program, where innovation meets opportunity! We invite passionate individuals and teams to contribute to the growth of the XDC ecosystem. Here's your chance to make a difference and be generously rewarded for your efforts.

Pre-Approved Bounty

  • Get a quick pre-approval for the Bounty.
  • Apply for any wallet, Custodian or Exchange integration or Building dapps on XDC Blockchain Network.
  • Program type: Public bug bounty.
  • Bounty subject to approval by governance community.


DAOFIN is a governance mechanism implemented within the XDC Network. DAOFIN allows community members to actively participate in decision-making processes and protocol upgrades, ensuring a decentralized and democratic approach to managing the network. Through DAOFIN, the community has a say in the network's development, making it more inclusive and less reliant on centralized control.

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